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Best options

So which is best—satellite, DSL, fixed-wireless, or 4G LTE home internet? The answer depends on what you’re looking for in terms of price and speed—and what’s available where you live.

​If a fixed-wireless, DSL, or LTE home internet service is available in your area, we often recommend these over satellite since satellite internet often has high latency (delay) and data restrictions. Data caps get really frustrating. But if you don’t have other internet options in your area, satellite internet is a good option because it’s available everywhere.

​Another rural area connection option is LTE home internet, which provides a connection through cell phone towers. If you live in an area with good cell service, a 4G LTE internet service from Verizon, T-Mobile, UbiFi, Nomad Internet, Ladybug Wireless, or a similar provider can give you unlimited data at affordable prices.

​Dial-up’s lackluster speeds land it in last place in terms of desirability, and we really don’t recommend it except in cases where extreme thriftiness is prioritized over internet experience.

Rural Area Connection

Unlimited options

Rural area connection – Unlimited internet is hard to get in rural areas, so your best option is wireless and 4g LTE home internet providers like Verizon or T-Mobile. Fixed-wireless internet providers sometimes offer unlimited full-speed data, and even those that do have a data cap are much less expensive than satellite data. Cable and fiber internet providers often have unlimited data, but often don’t service rural residents.

​Unlimited 4G LTE home internet is a new option for a lot of people living in small towns and outer suburbs. If you can get a good cellular signal at your home from Verizon or T-Mobile, there’s a chance you can sign up for an unlimited LTE plan through one of these providers. The data comes from a cellular tower, so it won’t be zippy fast like fiber speeds in urban areas. But it’ll clip along at 25 Mbps or so (which is fast enough for Netflix and Zoom) and it gives you that elusive unlimited data plan that’s so hard to find.


As gas and electricity, the URBAN internet is essential to modern life, yet rural areas are often underserved due to the cost of building out network infrastructures like cables and broadcast towers. This can make it difficult to find the best high-speed broadband option for rural areas, so we’ve compiled all the best options for you.

Rural area connection – Urban internet is also where some of the most exciting developments are happening in internet technology. From low-Earth orbit satellites to broadband internet over cell towers, cutting-edge technologies may transform urban internet over the next few years. Let’s take a look at what the best options for rural customers are now and what to look for in the future.

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