Failover Connection #1 Amazing

Internet Outages Costing You Thousands In Losses?

Failover Connection – Backup Internet Service is our cutting-edge solution for 100% connectivity uptime.

Losing internet and phone service for any business is detrimental, not being able to use cloud applications, answer calls, process payments, receive online orders, and more.

​We have covered our Failover Connection – Backup Internet Service technology that keeps your connection up even when there is an internet outage with your Internet Service Provider. 

​Failover internet service keeps your business going during outages.

DSL, Ethernet, Satellite – none are outage-proof. To minimize lost productivity, lost calls, POS transactions, and more, you need a reliable backup internet connection.

​Did you know small businesses in the U.S. will suffer over $40 Billion in lost productivity due to internet outages in 2020?* Whether you run a restaurant, retail store, accounting firm, or other types of business, you need Ooma Connect to provide reliable wireless LTE backup Internet.

100% Uptime Internet & Phone Service
Never process credit cards offline
Never lose another phone call
Never lose another online order

Failover Connection

Does it work with my current internet provider?

​Yes! We support both customer-provided internet service and Failover Connection-backup internet. The advantage of failover connection-backup internet is that you will not have to call your primary internet provider.

​Since we pro-actively monitor all of our connected devices, when a primary internet goes down, our support team will automatically open a case with the primary provider to resolve the issue vs the customer having to take on the burden.

What happens when the primary internet goes down?

​Failover Connection Backup Internet Service was built specifically for this reason. When your primary internet provider, for example, AT&T, Comcast, or others, goes down for whatever reason, Failover Connection Backup Internet Service will automatically kick in and provide internet services to your devices such as phones, computers, POS, credit card machines, and any other device requiring internet service.

Stay up and running.

If you have a primary internet connection you’re happy with, keep it. During outages, BroadMAX will make sure you can continue to process online credit card payments and access your cloud apps and email.

Keep calls coming in.

If your business has high call volumes and you rely on it to talk with clients or take orders, BroadMAX Connect can ensure those calls keep coming in, and you can keep dialing out.